be a fountain
not a drain

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hello i am in a lot of fandoms and i mostly sleep

(book page references) tlt|64,126,362| tsom|96,101,198| ttc|46,198,306| tbol|98,166,357| tlo|158,338,359| tlh|130,260,386| tson|53,148,363| tmoa|93,164,352,556| thoh|147,167,168,200,210,428,493


one of my “friends” at school today at the lunch table just turned to me and blurted out “there are so many fucking lesbians in this school it literally makes me want to puke” like bitch i will take a baseball bat to your gut so hard you will puke and then shove your fucking face into your puke

Love Is An Open Door 8 Bit / Alex Long / 41 655 lectures


"what are the colors of the japanese flag?"


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