Innik Dê
i look over to you, and you are the light that i need in the darkness

hello i am in a lot of fandoms and i mostly sleep

Return To Me

(book page references) tlt|64,126,362| tsom|96,101,198| ttc|46,198,306| tbol|98,166,357| tlo|158,338,359| tlh|130,260,386| tson|53,148,363| tmoa|93,164,352,556| thoh|147,167,168,200,210,428,493


so i think my laptop just fucking died




нош аяе чоц вяо

tumblr user merasmus confirmed for communist scum


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Imagine your icon being ridiculously and painfully horny.

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I cannot remember the last time I was a witness to and a part of a class that was so frozen in grief. By this I mean we literally sat in pure silence for about 20 minutes while everyone silently cried in one way or another.