be a fountain
not a drain

. . .

hello i am in a lot of fandoms and i mostly sleep

(book page references) tlt|64,126,362| tsom|96,101,198| ttc|46,198,306| tbol|98,166,357| tlo|158,338,359| tlh|130,260,386| tson|53,148,363| tmoa|93,164,352,556| thoh|147,167,168,200,210,428,493


okay im literally half asleep i have to wake up un three hours story time

uuumm #blood mention

Afficher davantage

magic stick by alcievalme →

it doesnt matter what you ship you must read this golden fanfic i found

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I don’t know which is sadder to me

Fili and Kili dying in each others arms

Or on opposite sides of the battlefield, thinking ‘at least my brother’s still alive’


*dies trying to hit the high notes in Chandelier*