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today in my intro to education class, a class required for education majors, my professor said, “remember that in your career you will encounter students who have been or are being bullied, abused, neglected, or mistreated. you will encounter students who are homosexual, who identify as transgender, and who feel isolated. you will also encounter students who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. it’s your job as a teacher to educate these children equally, but it is also your job as a teacher to be a role model and a stable constant. if they are bullied, defend them. if they have an attack in class, help them. and if they need you to listen, listen to them. some of these children have been left behind and betrayed by the people that are supposed to love them the most. show them that not everyone in the world is like that.”

I had never been moved to tears in a class before.

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/commits a murder/

aw jeez 

literally macbeth